harddisk spooler on imagewriter?

harddisk spooler on imagewriter?

Post by bill drape » Tue, 16 Mar 1993 23:28:56

now and then on the net I read of folks putting a scsii external harddrive on a
laserprinter to act as a spooler or print buffer.
How is this done?   What software is required?  Also is it possible to do this
with an imagewriter?   My wife often will print lengthy documents and when we
have tried using print spooler on our 4 meg mac plus the processor is so
overworked that it isnt worth the effort to try to continue to type at the same
time.   Can we use our spare 20 meg external scsii as a buffer?


1. Print Spooler for ImageWriter II over AppleTalk

I've been looking for an inexpensive print spooler for my 2-Mac office
which has an ImageWriter II w/AT option card and a small AppleTalk net.

It seems that Apple has neglected the large user-base of ImageWriters
when it released MultiFinder/Print Monitor -- it supports only
LaserWriters.  So, your Mac is still tied up with a print job to an
ImageWriter even under MF.

It appears that most Print Spoolers on the market support only

Does anyone have a *good* spooler, at a resaonable price, that they
would recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Taylor Leaming

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