Hard disk fear & panic update & summary

Hard disk fear & panic update & summary

Post by Stovs » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 14:41:00

First, thanks to those of you who offered such a speedy response to my
original posting!  What follows is a summary of responses received thus
far.  Any errors or ommissions are probably due to me, not the original

a RAM/SIMM problem.  They suggested the use of illegal configuration or
incorrectly sized SIMMs could cause the problem I encountered.

        My followup question: I installed "Apple" SIMMs nearly a year
        ago using 2 2-meg. "kits".  This is the first problem of this
        kind I have encountered.  Could the problem be due to humidity
        changes (it's getting warm in Columbus, & I have started up
        the a/c)

a bad SCSI cable, particularly if there are several disks daisy-chained.
Werner suggests a full backup, reformat, init, test, verify, & restore cycle.
Probably a prudent thing to do in any case!  

        Followup: I have only one disk & it  has been in use for ~14 months,
        could the thermal/humidity changes due to summer agrravate this p
        problem?  I suppose uplugging the cables & reseating them is
        prudent too.

driver incompatability, particularly with CMS drives.  

        I have been using system 6.02 since its release with my current
        driver.  This is the first problem I have encountered, so I don't
        think this is the problem.  This raises a question, though.
        How does CMS distribute s/w updates.  Certainly they do not use
        the registration card I dutifully filled out & mailed in when I
        purchased the disk.

sumex has some sound files you can play back to determine the nature of the
failure.  Ric also send an *extensive* list of error codes.  Unless I
incorrectly recorded the code I got, my Mac failed a ROM test (s/w rot??!)

A few more notes in this "case".  I forgot to mention my machine has a
68851 (MMU) installed, as well as a 68882 (floating point chip).  I am
running System 6.02.  No h/w or s/w changes have been made to the machine
in the last few weeks.  I HAVE had ResEdit crash bigtime last week -- I had
to hit the "hard" power switch to reboot.  The resource file I was editing
was *completely* trashed.  At least I had backed up the day before!!  Could
this * ResEdit crash have ruined something?  I don't know.

At this point, I have not made any physical adjustments to the machine & it
seems to be working (I am using it as we speak).  Perhaps it was a sunspot
or something.  Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!!



1. Hard Disk Fear & Panic

Well, yesterday it happened... I tried to boot my Mac & it was not able to
boot off the hard drive.  I figured it must have been a weird timing glitch
of some kind, so I hit the programmers switch & tried again.  Nothing good
came of it.  I heard the strange musical tones others have mentioned, but
no reboot.  After a couple more aborted attempts, I hit the hard power switch
& took a deep breath.  Nothing...

So I took out my SUM crash start disk (yes I really had one) & booted off it.
Zapped the prams as suggested, but to no avail.  On my next reboot attempt
I again hit the programmer's switch, got the tones & this time a "frowny" Mac
with the codes 00000001 and 00000013 under the Mac icon.

At this point, I was beginning to worry.  I booted off the SUM disk again &
lo and behold, my hard disk icon was happily sitting on the desI
installed new drivers on the disk & verified it with Disk First Aid -- no
problems reported.  I ran Interferon, but no problems were reported.  
Everything seems fine since, but I am less than filled with a warm & fuzzy

If you have any idea what my problem(s) could be, please let me know.  
Specifically, I would like to know what the "tones" indicate as well as
the error codes.  Should I be saving up for a new hard disk?

My configuration:
        Mac II with 4 meg RAM, fully populated Apple graphics card
        CMS Pro 60/i hard disk (Seagate mechanism)
        Inits: Vaccine, Moire, Soundmaster, SUM (no HD partition),
                SFScroll Init (I think that's about it)

If you feel this is cluttering the net with noise, please respoe
directly & I will summarize.

Many thanks in advance!!!



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