Problem with keyboards on OS/X - eMac and Powermac

Problem with keyboards on OS/X - eMac and Powermac

Post by msza.. » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 23:38:38

Does anyone know why this happens?

system preferences...
turn off delay until repeat

click in test text box -

press 'c' - hold down
press 'd' - continue holding both the c and d down
press space

'dc' will be appended for everytime I hit the space bar.

this is annoying because working in Unix, I use "cd" alot - doing this
fast yields "cdd" most of the time.

ANy help on this would be greatly appreciated.



1. OS X keyboard settings problem

I have an issue I think is related to the keyboard settings under OS X
10.2.1 -- namely, some key combinations involving the command key
won't work!

Examples:  Command + ? won't bring up Mac Help and in TextEdit command
+ '+' won't increase the font size (although command + '-' will
decrease it).

I've played around with various keyboard settings but can't seem to
hit on the one that will solve this problem.

Can anyone help?



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