Install after OS X - won't boot.

Install after OS X - won't boot.

Post by Dan Eich » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 00:35:37

I have an original b&w 233 imac.
It was running OS 9 just fine.

In preparation to upgrade to OS X, I did the following.

I verified the firmware was up to date: 3...
I upgraded the memory from 64MB to 256MB.
I pulled the original 4 GB Hard drive and dropped in a 40Gb Maxtor.

I popped in my OS X, cdrom, Partitioned the disk in a 7.9Gb partition
with the rest in Partition 2.

The install seemed to go fine, it even said, install completed
sucessfully, then it automatically rebooted. It just sits on the
display of a folder with faces and a question mark, no boot.

I popped back in the os x install cdrom. I checked the partition, it
is fine and says there are folders and files - but no boot.

I tried my os x 10.2 upgrade cdrom, it looked at the hard drive said
ok, and did the upgrade, again no boot. (the number of files and
folder changed)...

Any one seen this problem before?



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Okay, here's the situation.  I've got a g4/400 512 megs of ram and a
pair of blank 8 gig drives.  I have OS CDs for ver 8.5 and 10.0 as
well as an update cd to version 9.1.  All are regular real versions...
no oem versions or copies or anything like that.  I don't care what OS
I get on there, I just need to get something working.  When I try and
boot from the 8.5 cd, it doesn't boot.  I just get the flashing folder
with the question mark/mac face(i've tried holding down c, alt/option,
etc...).  When i try and boot from the 10.0 cd, it boots, but it
doesn't see either hard drive when i get to that portion of the
install, or go to disk utillity.  I've tried using only one hard
drive... still no go.  I've done everything i can think of, and
couldn't find any good help in existing newsgroups.  Any help is
greatly appreciated... thanks.


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