Odd behavior of airport base station

Odd behavior of airport base station

Post by Paul Goodma » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 10:39:06

In my home, I have two Macs connected through a wireless network to an
airport base station which in turn is connected to a DSL line. One of the
Macs is a 400 MHz PowerBook running system 9.2.2 and the other is a new 1
GHz Imac G4 running system 10.2.6. Both are connected to an airport base
station (not an airport extreme base station). The PowerBook, when connected
to the internet using IE 5.1 zips right along at about 1.15 Mbps (as
measured at http://promos.mcafee.com/speedometer/test_0150.asp), while the
Imac, using IE 5.2, bumbles along at only about one-quarter that speed. If I
connect the Imac directly to the DSL line and bypass the base station it
runs at the expected 1.15 Mbps. If I connect the PowerBook directly to the
DSL line (bypassing the base station) and use the PowerBook as a software
base station, the Imac again runs at the expected 1.15 Mbps. Why the
slowdown of the Imac using the base station?

1. Airport base station with no wireless card?

All the reviews and FAQs I've seen say that an Airport card is a
prerequisite for using the base station.  However, I've already got an
ethernet hub and plenty of cable.  Since the base station has 2
ethernet ports, is it possible to use it entirely by plugging the hub
into it, and multiple computers into the hub?  Or is there something
in the configuration process that requires going through the wireless

If a wireless card is a hard prereq, is one really needed for each
computer or could I have a laptop with the card, but plug my desktop
into the other ethernet port on the base station?

Any good deals to be had on the Airport equipment?  All the retail
prices I've seen are within $5-10 of list price.  Some of the auctions
on eBay quote model numbers or features where I'm not sure if they're
the most recent model or some older model.  E.g. "ML.../B" or whatever
model number, or "supports up to 10 users".

I presume on the base station at least, the latest model is a must.
Any danger with getting a slightly older Airport card?


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