Macintosh Motherboard Pictures

Macintosh Motherboard Pictures

Post by Marc Schri » Mon, 07 Feb 1994 06:48:11

I get lots of mail from people who are a little confused about the location
of the crystal oscillators in their Mac's, so I've started to take pictures
of the motherboards as I work on them.  I'd be glad to scan them and make
JPEG files and put them on an anonymous FTP site where everyone can look at
them.  Does anybody know about the legality of this?  I've seen pictures of
Apple motherboards in magazines both before and after their release.  If you
have any ideas about this please let me know.  Apple employees?  Lawyers?


Oh, and if you have a favorite ftp site to put them on, you can e-mail me
those as well.  If it sounds like I won't have any problems I'll submit them


1. Macintosh SE Picture Tube

Tonight as I was replacing my floppy drive in my Mac SE I
made a huge blunder.  I was trying to disconnect the monitor (screen) from the
circuit board and ended up breaking the tip of the vacuum tube off which
consequently renders my screen useless, dead, kaput.

I was wondering if someone could possibly help me locate a replacement.  From
what I can tell, I'm going to have to replace the entire screen... All the
connections running to it are fine, so... If anyone can tell me where to go or
if anyone can cut me a deal on an old one just collecting dust, please email me
with suggestions....

I really doubt buying one from Mac or a wholesaler would do me any good,
because I'd probably end up paying more than my Mac is worth for them to do


Dan Kraemer,  please address E-Mail as follows,


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