Forced prefs not quite working

Forced prefs not quite working

Post by Kiefer's Ang » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 13:28:28

I am using a Mac OS 10.2 server with OS 9.2 clients and have enabled
Macintosh Manager. Using the Managed Preferences and then Forced
Preferences, does anyone know why certain preferences will be forced
and some are not?

For example, I am forcing Dreamweaver Prefs so that when students log
in, the registration number is present so the program works and this
is OK. I have tried forcing Keyboard prefs so that they don't need to
press the Option key to use Functions in Quark, however this doesn't
seem to force as when i log in as a student on another mac I haven't
changed, the pref is not correct. Any ideas?



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