Problem with preferences in OS x

Problem with preferences in OS x

Post by David Roca » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 07:26:51

I am using 10.2.6 on a Powermac G4.  None of my preferences (in IE, Safari,
Entourage, etc.) will stick.  I change the preference, but as soon as I exit
the program and open it again, its back to the default.  I ran the disk
utilities to repair permissions, to no effect (it did correct some
permissions, but didn't fix the problem).  Any suggestions would be most


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1. IE 5 keeps loosing preferences - OS 9.2

I'm using IE 5 and every now and then it keeps forgetting my preferences and
reverting to its original set-up (looses my homepage, cookies not work etc).
Ive tried re-installing IE and I've recently done a clean install of OS 9.2
but it keeps happening - although it keeps my favourites.

I was using netscape 7 for a while and I was getting the same thing except
I'd loose my bookmarks too.

any idea's ?

This is really getting annoying so any help is much appreciated.

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