Help with sad mac code 0000000f 00000000a on classic

Help with sad mac code 0000000f 00000000a on classic

Post by James » Sat, 15 May 1993 05:25:02

Hi, everyone.

My friend got the following sad mac code

0000 000f
0000 000a

on his Classic on startup.   And the mac does not read the floopy either.

Can someone please explain what the codes mean and what might have caused
the problem?

And how to get the mac back to be happy and operational without a trip to
the dealer if possible.

Please email to

if possible, otherwise, just post it here.

Thanks in advance.



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with the infamous sad Mac icon on a black screen (the smiley Mac showed
briefly first).

I have already checked the sad Mac codes sheet, but unless I am missing
something this one is not covered.  What's going on???

Any and all help would be INFINITELY appreciated, especially if it is

Jess Holle

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