Imagewriter Spooler, Sys 7 compatible, FOUND

Imagewriter Spooler, Sys 7 compatible, FOUND

Post by David A. Grays » Thu, 27 Feb 1992 11:17:53

It happened. Fifth Generation Systems has finished SuperLaserSpool 3.0.
I got my upgrade offer today, and expect the disks tomorrow. Yes,
they are using Airborne to deliver (as a secretary in my department says,
"Computer people aren't known for their patience").

SuperLaserSpool will work with the Imagewriter, and is System 7 compatible.

My upgrade was $32.18, $30. for the upgrade and $2.18 for Pete Wilson (tax).
International orders add $15 for shipping. There was some phrasing about
this being a special offer - Normal upgrade price = $35.

Maybe System 7.1 will include this feature? Isn't 7.1 due out
sometime next quarter? Hope SLS doesn't break with 7.1.

thought you would like to know,


P.S. Phone Order # 1-800-873-4348 ext 296, FAX (504)291-5453

I have no relationship with 5th Gen. Sys. except for being a happy user of
Suitcase 2.0 and in the past of Super Spool. I haven't received my copy,
only the literature and placed an order.
Yes, I do have this thing automatically appended to all of my correspondence.
This message reflects my current whims, and are solely my responsibility.


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