Processor Direct Slot on ci (and fx?)

Processor Direct Slot on ci (and fx?)

Post by Darik Dat » Sat, 24 Mar 1990 03:01:37

  I am a little curious about the processor direct slot on the ci (and
the fx, I think..)  can it be used to upgrade the CPU... The 030
on the ci is not socketed, and the 040 probably isn't pin compatible
anyway, and I was wondering if a CPU upgrade board could make use
of the PD slot to speed things up without the bottleneck of NuBus.
Is it possible to disable the main 030 and replace it using the
PD Slot??

  Thanks in advance...

      Darik Datta...


1. Processor Direct Slots

I wanted to know what exactly is a processor direct slot, and are they
specific to each processor.  ie, if they (?) do make a PDS card from the
030 to the PPC...will it work on any 030 ?  Or only on a specific one.




Aditya Bhasin

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