UUPC: van-bc!{uupc,uupc-request} addresses mailbox backlog

UUPC: van-bc!{uupc,uupc-request} addresses mailbox backlog

Post by Samuel L » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 03:25:00

Effective immediate and until early May, the response time for the
uupc and uupc-request mailboxes at van-bc will be *VERY* slow, due
to a severe lack of spare time on our part.  (This mean that it is
highly unlikely that we will be able to reply to *most* of these
mail before May.)

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Hopefully things will once again pickup when we get to the month of May.

In the mean time, you are advised that your UUPC related information
*might* be better shared among interested people if it is posted to
the comp.mail.uucp newsgroup.


"So much work, so little time."



1. UUPC->AppleTalk->UUPC why NO UUPC<->AppleTalk<->UUPC ???

Hello All !!!
Anywho help me?

My problem :

Many Mac's connecting in AppleTalk. I don't want setup on every Mac modem.
I want in order to evry Mac work with modem in ApplkeTalk. For this I setup
in AppleTalk NetSerial and plug into NetSerial modem, but appear problem:
Outside mail recieve o'k, but mail private not send.

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