IIsi Adaptor Survey Summary

IIsi Adaptor Survey Summary

Post by J. Taggart Gorm » Fri, 25 Oct 1991 15:19:14

  Alright folks, here's the result of last week's lunchtime poll regarding the use of the IIsi's slot ...

  I received 12 replies to the summary.  (Gee, only 12 people other than me own
a IIsi?  I thought they were selling better than that...  :)

        25.0% empty
        41.7% Apple NuBus Adaptor
        16.7% straight plug-in cards
         8.3% Apple 030 Adaptor
         8.3% RealTech FPU Adaptor

  Of the people that owned adaptors ...

        51.7% did not use adaptor
        14.3% used a card made for the IIsi
        28.6% used a card not made specifically for the IIsi

  Of the people that used cards (in the adaptor or straight-in) ...

        60.0% used display cards
        20.0% used CPU upgrader cards
        20.0% used an AudioMedia card (whatever that is...)

  Please note, since I received only 12 replies, my use of percentages make it
look like more people answered.  Oh well, at least I didn't have to deal with
10 zillion replies flooding my mailbox. :)  I also didn't count myself, since I
am one of the "empty - no card" people.

  My current plan : Buy an Apple NuBus card and a Raster Ops 24S.

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