good deal?? Radius DIRECTCOLOR/GX videocard @ $299

good deal?? Radius DIRECTCOLOR/GX videocard @ $299

Post by Balla » Tue, 29 Dec 1992 12:20:22

I am interested in any opinions on this videocard and this deal from Macdepot.
I just bought a IIci and would like to upgrade to 24 bit color if I can find a decent affordable videocard.  Also, I am aware that since the IIci's use the    
internal ram for video processing that any additional RAM installed in bank A  
may actually SLOW the machine down! This concerns me because I am planning on
installing a total of 12megs in my machine.  

Specific questions I have:

1) Is this board really slow?
2) Will this resolution (640x480) look decent on my new 14" Macintosh monitor?
3) they claim this will give me 16.8 million colors.  Is this true?
4) Any comments on MacDepot?

and anything else that might be helpful, perhaps other cheap, but good alternatives.

I will be purchasing a NEC CD rom and would like to display photorealisti

This Macdepot deal was advertised in the Jan '93 issue of MacUser on pg 271.
For anyone interested their order # is 1 800 222 2808.



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Can some kind person tell me if the Radius DirectColor/GX
24bit video card will work in a Mac //si that has
a NuBUS card? Does it draw too much power for the //si?

Also, if you have them, what is the speedometer values
for the color QD test for 4 and 8 bit graphics on this

Many thanks...Glen.

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