Color font editor wanted

Color font editor wanted

Post by Yasusi Kana » Wed, 02 May 1990 16:16:00

I'm going to design a iconic color font.  I need some kind of color font
editor.  I prefer public domain software or shareware, but I can buy one
if not available.  Please let me know any pointers to them.  Thank you.

-Yasusi Kanada



1. Wanted: Fonts & Font info

I'm looking for fonts, especially PostScript dingbat fonts.  All the
public-domain ones I've used are old, blocky and look ugly on a
laserprinter.  Does anyone have any good dingbat fonts--PD, please--they
could send me?

Disk would be fine; I could send an SASE & floppy.

I'm also interested in any other PD or shareware fonts too--preferably
good lookin' ones.

Yes, you guessed it--I got the type bug bad.  Blame a 72-page
Science-Fiction convention book and no sleep.  I'm even (whisper it)
considering becoming a Font maker myself to work on those dingbat fonts
--like I needed more holes in my time...

Also, anyone know the kind soul who made up the font called
"Clairvaux"?  It's my very
favorite serif font, prints just peachy-nice on the IIntx and scales
pretty well.  But I don't know who made it, or where it came from...
...I'd like to thank them, 'n' find out if I owe them money.

        Just smellin' the virtual hot lead and creebin' about PageMaker bugs,

P.S. If any kind & eager souls are willing to send fonts along without
an SASE (bless you!), my address is:

        Alex Pournelle
        1925 East Mountain Street
        Pasadena CA 91104

I don't use a Mac with a modem, so E-mailing is a process beyond my
stomach acids right now.  Thanks anyway--the process from UNIX to PC to
Mac through LapLink-Mac is too fraught with errors.

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