modem DTR signal on Mac II different than Mac IIci????????

modem DTR signal on Mac II different than Mac IIci????????

Post by Phil Hu » Thu, 18 Mar 1993 19:43:45


I have a Telebit Worldblazer modem here at work...It was connected to a
Mac IIci.  When it was connected this way, CTS and MR lights were always on
and the DTR light would come on when my comm s/w made a call.  This worked

Here's the problem....
I moved the entire setup...modem/cable and software verbatim to an old Mac
II we have and now the modem lights CTS, MR and DTR are always on!  Without
and changes to software or hardware (except computer change)!!!!!

This makes it hard for the comm software to reset the modem, since it cannot
drop DTR....

Is DTR handled differently on a II vs a IIci?


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