moving dos WP between MAC and dos disk i

moving dos WP between MAC and dos disk i

Post by Tyler Mill » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 02:01:00

I have used the AFE utility program to translate my microsoft word version
4 files saved in the RFT format to DOS DCA format in order to convert the
file to IBM Word Perfect version 5. As in your case, all my formating was
lost. I have no ideas for your problem but join you in wishing that Apple
fixes the bug.

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moving dos WP between MAC and dos disk i

Post by Scott England » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 03:41:00

MacLink by Dataviz will do what you want.  It supports up to WP 5.0.
We've used it for a couple of years with good luck; we have both Mac
users (mostly Word) and PC users (mostly WP) in this department, and we
share a lot of files.


                                               - Scott


moving dos WP between MAC and dos disk i

Post by Wilson - Ch » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 04:46:00

I would like to know if possible for DisplayWrite 4 files or DisplayWrite 4
version 2 files to be converted to Macintosh format?

I am looking at MacLink/Translator (the MacLinkPlus package less cables) and
would like to know if anyone have experiences with this product.


Wilson Chan


1. moving dos WP between MAC and dos disk in mac

I am posting this for a friend of mine...
He has a 2x and needs to convert from Wordperfect on a dos diskette
to MAC Word (or WP) - and back again.  He says that Apple FIle
Exchange removes his formating etc, and so we just need a way to
get the file from the MAC to the DOS diskette - a straight copy
similar to the way TOPS will copy between the two. (Why isn't there
a 'copy' button in AFE along with the 'translate' button?)
If apple would only release 6.0.4 with a fix so that the finder
would recognize the dos diskette...
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
Many Thanks, Mark Sartor, MSU college of Ag, 221 Ag Hall, E Lansing MI
48823 (517-332-3609)

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