OS X Server books

OS X Server books

Post by Peter Bak » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:30:32

Can anyone recommend me books on OS X servers?  Specifically I need to find
something on NetInfo and how to connect workstations to use a central



1. GS/OS on a Mac server for GS LAN

Hi, I am asked (by my boss) to install the GS/OS 5.0.2 on the Mac SE which
is used as the server for Apple //gs LAN.  However, I am totally NEW (just
got a copy, before that, I was using v1.3) to the
Sys 5.0.2, I couldn't figure out how to do and what to do to install the
entire system onto the Mac. Any help please? Thanx in advace.

yes, it's running Apple Share (I believe)


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