Any working designer using 17" iMac?

Any working designer using 17" iMac?

Post by Antony Buonom » Sun, 10 Nov 2002 23:59:37

Thinking of swapping my gear (a DP G4/450/20gb/OS9 with a 19" Sony G400) -
for a 17" iMac.

Is the iMac too much of a downgrade (in monitor size and expandability)?  I
would appreciate hearing experiences from other designers with an iMac about
its suitability or otherwise.

I am a designer (web and print) and use the usual main apps.  Peripherals
are scanner, Epson printer, Canon G2 camera, BT ADSL and CD burner.


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1. ViewSonic 17" and other 17" monitors

Hey all.

The February MacUser reviewed a number of 16-17" monitors.  In
particular, they offered a short review of the ViewSonic 17, which is
listed as having a top resolution of an unbelievable 1600x1280.  Does
anybody have one or know about this machine?  Does it really achieve
this resolution on a mac?  Is the 1MB of VRAM on my Q660 enougn to run
it in 8-bit mode?  Will it run in 640x480, 852xwhatever, 1280x1024?  It
lists a "high pincushion error" - is this all-around or only in the
1600x1280 mode?  Is it worth the price?

My friend bought a CRX 1760RC, which that same article lists as having
1280x1024 resolution, only to find out that this is IBM only; on the mac
it will only do 640x480.  Tech support was miserable.  This has made me
wary about similar claims of high res on other monitors.

Any and all advice appreciated.

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