DOS Card info needed

DOS Card info needed

Post by Eric Chapi » Wed, 08 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have a DOS card for the Q/C 610 and I would like to know the pin out
so I could just make a VGA monitor hook up.  I have extra VGA monitor I
planned to use and I don't plan on using that DOS card for game so PC
controller port needed.  If anyone knows the pin out of most or all 26
pins, I would appreciate it.  I just need to know which one are for
red/green/blue, ground, and sync.

1. 6100 DOS Card Info



I plan to buy a 6100 DOS card for my 6100 (!) system, but before buying, I
have some questions (BTW, for those interrested, Small Dog Electronics
<> is selling them at 99$).

1- Is the card compatible with x86 Linux (somekind of Unix)?  With OS/2?
With Win95?  Any one ever tried?

2- Is the card compatible with the "Apple Color Plus 14" Display", which
isn't MultipleScan?

3- Is the card compatible with clock-boosting (i.e. a 6100/80)?

Thank you for all the answers!

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