Mini-din 3 ATalk connectors

Mini-din 3 ATalk connectors

Post by Marvin Jon » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 23:19:00

> Can anyone recommend a supplier of Mini-DIN 3 plugs for AppleTalk connections?

Also, I have been looking for a source of the Mini-DIN 8 connectors as used for
Mac serial ports.  I need female PC or chassis mount versions as well as male
and female cable mount connectors.  I have searched numerous connector vendor
catalogs, but no one seems to list these connectors at all.  

Thanks for any help.  


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Mini-din 3 ATalk connectors

Post by Ben Cranst » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 18:36:00

I buy the 8-pin mini-dins at my local surplus electronics store (you know,
the guys Radio Shack has just about driven out of business).  They cost just
a little less than four dollars, and aren't quite as nice as the official
molded plugs (don't have the nice D-Dent for orientation).  Poke around your
local area for such a place.  Drop me Email if you want me to ask my guy
where he buys from...


Mini-din 3 ATalk connectors

Post by Ben Cranst » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 18:39:00

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Mini-din 3 ATalk connectors

Post by Don Gilbe » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 18:53:00

ORA Electronics has a catalog chock full of Mac, Appletalk, PC,
ethernet, and video cables and connectors, at wholesale prices.
Things I can't find elsewhere and can't find cheaper.  I've
ordered many different mac and ethernet parts from them and
have been very pleased with their quality.  Their Modunet
connectors (a phonenet clone) cost $17.50/ea for 12 or more.

The catalog states that it is a wholesale catalog, intended for
use of companies involved in manufacture, service, marketting
or selling of electronic & related parts.  They have a minimum
order of $25.  

Contact:  ORA Electronics
          9410 Owensmouth Ave.
          Dept. 44
          PO Box 4029
          Chatsworth, CA 91313
          (818) 772-4433 (general info line)


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1. Mini-din 3 ATalk connectors

Sorry if you've seen this.The Net is a bit grey at the moment...

Seeking information again...

Can anyone recommend a supplier of Mini-DIN 3 plugs for AppleTalk connections?
We do a lot of custom wiring here, and we do not have reliable supply of
suitable connectors. We can get horrible grotty connectors that are difficult
to solder and fly to bits at the first opportunity. Whenever we have network
trouble, it is more often than not due to these connectors easing their way out
and breaking connections.

Our techs tell me they want BELDEN APP 9999 connectors, but can't get them.

Suggestions, anyone?
Suitable replies will be summarised and reposted.
Richard Jenkins      Tel: (09) 351 7864                      AppleLink:AUST0176

Curtin University    Perth, Western Australia    psi%050529452300030::cjenkinsr

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