CD-ROM now can't read Mac or foreign CDs

CD-ROM now can't read Mac or foreign CDs

Post by Dan Davis » Wed, 24 Jun 1992 07:48:32

I have an original Mac II, 5 MB, with a 40 MB internal hard disk,
internal 800K  and Mirror external 44 MB removable disk, plus a Apple
CD-ROM reader.  All this is under System 6.0.7.

My CD reader now no longer reads CDs.  I have tried known good CDs of
both Mac, ISO, and High Sierra formats and none of them are
recognized. They *used* to be, possibly before system 6.0.7; I'm not
sure if I have used any of these disks since the upgrade.

The CD reader can *play* CDs with no problem, that I would have
noticed right away :-).

I ftp'd to and got the latest CD drivers from sys/cdrom and
installed them; no change, the CD reader still grinds for a minutes
and says Eject or Format?

Has anyone seen this problem before? If so I would greatly appreciate
hearing from you...thanks in advance,

dan davison

dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of

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