IIsi and adapter

IIsi and adapter

Post by Ronald T. Crock » Sat, 23 Mar 1991 04:17:09

I want a FPU for my IIsi.  To get a FPU, you need to get a "bus
adapter card" for either NuBus or '030 Direct.  I don't currently have
any need for any kind of expansion card.  Assuming that in the future
I wanted to have, say, a 2-page display, which would be the proper
adapter to get?  I'm leaning toward the NuBus adapter, but I'm not
really sure which way to go.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ron Crocker
Motorola Radio-Telephone Systems Group, Cellular Infrastructure Group
(708) 632-4752 [FAX: (708) 632-4430]


1. IIsi adapter for Daystar PowerCache wanted

I have a Macintosh IIsi, and I recently got my hands on a Daystar
PowerCache. However, the PowerCache requires an adapter to work in the
IIsi, and Daystar apparently does not make the adapaters any more.

Does anybody out there know where I can find an adapter for the PowerCache?

If you know where I can find one, please e-mail me and let me know.

Thanks a lot.


Systems Engineer
GORCA Technologies, Inc.
Moorestown, NJ

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