Data voice multiplexer question

Data voice multiplexer question

Post by or.. » Mon, 03 Feb 1992 16:07:37

I have picked up a data-voice multiplexer in a surplus store.
It is a Siemens SA820R. According to the user guide it can be used
for transparent data communication over a phone line with an
other unit installed in the "central office". It uses "time
compression and digital baseband modulation techniques with
forward acting error correction". The DTE/Network interface
is "CCITT V.24/V.28; EIA RS-232-C standard". I have hooked it up
to my computer, and it works in the local analog loopback test mode.
I would like to know if it can be used for communication with other
regular modems, or only with another special anymal like this?
My initial guess is that it would work only with another multiplexer,
but I would like to hear others' opinion. Has anyone used
data-voice multiplexers, has anyone seen this Siemens unit?

Thanks, Peter Orban


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I would like to be able to run Apple Remote Access from  my home, and
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The problem is that I have just one phone line in my office. I need some
type of box that will take incoming
        a) FAX
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  Mac Warehouse has something called FAX line manage, but that does not
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  Anyone have any suggestions?

  Thanks in advance,

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