'snd ' sampling rate

'snd ' sampling rate

Post by Bradley Koe » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 21:00:00

I have a bunch of 'snd ' resources that I like alot, but they don't run at the
right speed. After poring over IM V, I see that there is a sampling rate field
buried in the sound resource. Is there any easy way to change that (say, a
ResEdit template), and do I just divide the value by two to slow it down?

thanks much,
Brad Koehn
"Fly like an Emu!"


1. Sounds, snd 's, and more snd 's...

    If this has been belabored before, sorry.  I can't keep up with the volume
on all the mac groups (not a flame, a wonderment...).

    I have several related problems.  If someone can e-mail me answers, I'll
summarize and post to this group (if there is any interest in the replies).

    1.  I have a large collection of "sound" files (type FSSD, creator FSSC).
They are playable by SuperPlay (creator JRSP) and similar applications.  Many
sound files in public domain games, etc. also seem to be in this format.  What
is the creator of these files (SoundWave?  SoundCap?  ????)  What is the binary
format of these files (they have no resource fork, only a data fork)?

    2.  I have tried in vain all of the locally available sound conversion
programs, none of which will convert them to Hypercard (snd 2?) resource files.

Sound > SND (REZ2), SoundMover, Sound Manager, etc.  I've also tried various
incarnations of the SoundCapMover stack (from Apple?), dating back to the
WildCard days, with no luck.  Am I doing something wrong?  Some install a
properly named resource in my chosen targets, but none play with the:

        Play "name_of_sound"

command from HyperCard.  The only clue I have is that SoundCap to 'SND'
(version 1.0beta5) tells me it can't open a "compressed" file yet.  Are
these compressed SoundCap files?  What do I try next?

        3.  What's the format of the 2 snd resources, anyway?  How do they differ?

    That about does it.  If anyone has or knows of any public domain/shareware
applications/stacks/etc. that can convert these sounds to snd resources, I'd
sure appreciate receiving and/or hearing about same.  Thanks in advance.


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