HELP! Info requested on experiences servicing a Sony monitor.

HELP! Info requested on experiences servicing a Sony monitor.

Post by Derek A Fo » Fri, 16 Apr 1993 01:18:23

I am having some troubles with my Sony 1304s monitor.  I get random static
glitches on my screen that have become more frequent over the past
few weeks.  I suspect that it is a power supply problem.

In any case, the monitor is under warranty.  I tried calling the closest
service center to ask some questions about what kind of "downtime"
I should expect, and all i got was one of those prerecorded messages
for all the possible questions they think you might have...and of
course, they don't answer mine....

So, my questions are as follows:

1) How long would I expect to "lose" my monitor for while they inspect/fix
   my problem.

2)  Do they give "loaners" out while your monitor is being fixed, or
should I be prepared now to rent one out of my own pocketbook as I
can't afford to do without my machine for more than a few days.

The reason I ask is as a student, I need my computer every day.  Right now,
the problem is annoying, but the computer is still useable.  I
don't want to bring my monitor into the service center and not see it
for a month...if that is the case, I had better get another monitor
to use in the meantime or I guess, stick with my current problems till
school is out and then have it serviced.

any comments on experiences and thoughts would appreciated...of course,
a response (unofficial) from someone at Sony would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance,


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