Imagewriter Spoolers

Imagewriter Spoolers

Post by Richard Lo » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 21:18:00

I understand Orange Micro has a print spooler out for the Imagewriter.
Currently, I'm using Supermac's Superspool, and I like it, but it doesn't seem
to want to work for me under MF 6.1b7.  Can someone post a comparison of the
two spoolers, and also let me know if Orange Micro's works under 6.1b7?



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Imagewriter Spoolers

Post by Michael J Ko » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 05:13:00

Quote:>Currently, I'm using Supermac's Superspool, and I like it, but it doesn't seem
>to want to work for me under MF 6.1b7.


Well, this has been mentioned several times, so I'll post the interesting thing
I found:  SuperSpool works fine under 6.1b7, if you print in Manual Feed mode.
Okay, sure, this is a hassle, but it will free up your computer, and allow you
to use the features of this MF.  For those of you who don't know, feeding paper
into the ImageWriter II is really easy:  With the printer set for friction-
feed, insert a sheet with the left edge aligned with the mark on the case, so
that the paper just rests on the rollers.  Then, with the Select light out,
press Form Feed.  The printer will feed the sheet in to the proper place from
which to start manual feed.  Select the printer and away you go.  Reapeat with
each page.  It takes about 5 seconds to load, so figure about 30 secs of hassle
while SS prompts you for a new sheet, you insert it, and you tell it to

One BIG annoyance.  If you're in a dialog box (or F/DA Mover, which is really
one big dialog), SS will beep (a lot) if it comes time to insert paper.  You
should click the SS item in the MF menu to bring the OK and Cancel buttons
to the front and stop the beeping.  Feed in the paper and click OK...

BTW, does anyone else find it annoying that after you click OK, the software
doesn't return you to the application layer?


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Imagewriter Spoolers

Post by Fabian Fabe Ramir » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 02:10:00


PLEASE understand that SuperMac does NOT support pre-released, developmental,
BETA software.  SuperSpool 5.0 IS compatible with MultiFinder 1.0 or 6.0.x.
MultiFinder 6.1b7 (currently up to 6.1b9) is BETA software and as pointed out
there are conflicting reports of compatibility.  For some it's okay, but for
others no go.

Fabian Ramirez
SuperMac Technology


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    Has anyone had any (good) experience with ImageWriter spoolers?
Configuration is a 512E w/ 2MB (Dove).  MacSpool (Mainstay) is OK,
unless one wants to use a RAM disk.  The RAM disk part of MacSpool
doesn't allow loading at startup, so it's a pain in the %$* to use.
The spooler part causes no end of problems when used with
Switcher or with another RAM disk (i.e., RamStart).

    Can anyone tell me anything about the spooler from SuperMac?
Judging from the enthusiasm about DiskFit, my guess would be that
stuff from SuperMac is pretty solid, no?

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