Mac Plus Sad Mac error codes

Mac Plus Sad Mac error codes

Post by Taylor Leami » Wed, 06 Jun 1990 11:38:57

Recently, I was faced with the trauma of a blown power supply on my Mac Plus
(my second in just under a year), which also took out the motherboard.  I was
concerned about losing my extra memory and did some digging about what the Sad
Mac error codes mean.  It turns out that there are no details in any of the
publications from Apple, including the Inside Macintosh set.  After digging
through some back issues of my favorite magazines, I came across only two
articles which mentioned what the cryptic Sad Mac error codes meant.

I have summarized the information from the two articles (my thanks to the
authors, whoever you are) and included a list of what some of the codes mean.


I hope you find this information useful :')

                        Sad Mac Error Codes for Mac Plus

The first two digits of the six-digit error code beneath the Sad Mac icon is the
Class Code.  The last four digits is the Sublclass Code.

The most commonly encountered Class codes are 02, 03, 04, and 05, all of which
indicate a RAM problem.  You might try reseating the SIMMs in their sockets. If
this doesn't do the job, see Note 1 below.  

A Class code of 01 indicates the ROM test failed at start-up.  Pack up your Mac
and head to you nearest dealer for repair.

A Class code of 0F indicates some sort of software error.  This could indicate
several things, including ROMs which are no longer valid or some sort of add-in
equipment problem (ie: inproperly installed).

                Code    Notes   Meaning

                01xxxx          ROM test
                02xxxx  1       RAM test-bus subtest
                03xxxx  1       RAM test-byte write test
                04xxxx  1       RAM test-mod3 (pattern) test
                05xxxx  1       RAM test-address uniqueness test
                0F0001          Bus error
                0F0002          Address error
                0F0003          Illegal instruction
                0F0004          Zero divide
                0F0005          Check trap-CHK instruction
                0F0006          Overflow trap-TRAPV instruction
                0F0007          Privilege violation
                0F0008          Trace trap
                0F0009          Trap dispatcher error
                0F000A          Line 1111 trap
                0F000B          Other trap
                0F000C          Unimplemented trap executed
                0F000D          Interrupt button on programmers switch

                0F0065  2       Bad System File
                0F0065          Bad Finder

Notes:  1.  The last four digits indicate which of the four memory modules have
            failed.  If the last two digits are nonzero, SIMMs 1 and 3 may be bad.      
            If the middle two digits are nonzero, SIMMs 2 and 4 may be bad.  To find    
            the bad SIMM, exchange each suspect SIMM in turn with a good SIMM.  
            When the Sad Mac code changes, the SIMM you just replaced is bad.  

        2.  Macs with 64K ROM fail with codes 0F064 and 0F065 if the System and
            Finder (or other star-up applications) are misssing, but the 128K ROM      
            recognizes the problem and ejects the disk instead.

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1. HELP: Mac Plus w/new memory = Sad Mac code 0200FF

Over the weekend, I finally got around to installing two more 1MB
SIMMs in my Plus. The original configuration was 2.5MB, so this
upgrade should have netted four.

Put on the grounding strap, opened the case, took off the appropriate
connectors, pulled the motherboard, took out the 256k SIMMs, put in
the new ones. Put everything back together.

Powered up the machine and got a bunch of "chunks" on the screen,
almost as though only a 16x16 patch of pixels was present in every,
say, 64x64 block.

Powered down and took everything apart. Replaced the 256kb SIMMs.
Powered up again- sad mac, 0200ff.

Swapped the old and new 1MB SIMMs. Powered up. Sad Mac, 0200ff. Put
all four 1MB SIMMs back in, got screen hash again.

Some quick questions:
  1) what does this particular code mean? I presume that it's some
     sort of memory configuration error.

  2) how can I fix it?


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