What to do with (don't laugh) Dataframe 20?

What to do with (don't laugh) Dataframe 20?

Post by Pete Rodrigu » Wed, 02 Sep 1992 03:18:57

Is there anything that can be done with a Dataframe 20?  I doesn't seem to
work with any newer Macs (only Mac Plus).  It doesn't have a hardware way
to change the SCSI number.  I tried using the program to change the SCSI
number, but it still doesn't work.  

What about using it as a hard drive for a Laserwriter IINT or IIF?

Pete Rodriguez
Undergraduate Admissions
Northwestern University


What to do with (don't laugh) Dataframe 20?

Post by Paul Robicha » Wed, 02 Sep 1992 06:09:59

Au contraire, mon frere! The Dataframe 20 indeed has a hardware selectable
SCSI ID. Take the case off, find the jumper block on the controller card,
and away you go.

The latest version of the Dataframe software (4.2e, I think) has a nice
PICT illustrating where the jumpers and whatnot go.

"Don't laugh?" My DF20 is still working quite well after _SIX YEARS._ It's
not fast, and it sure is noisy... but it's still going.

Paul Robichaux, KD4JZG          | I shouldn't * / I shouldn't cry


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