Ethernet cards: prices (was Re: how fast is Mac over ethernet?)

Ethernet cards: prices (was Re: how fast is Mac over ethernet?)

Post by Michael Thomas Nieha » Fri, 13 Apr 1990 09:25:58

I am looking for the following information.  I would like to know prices
for various Ethernet cards, whether the company offers educational discounts,
whether quantity discounts are applicable, and anything else that may be
helpful in selecting an Ethernet card.

Thanks in advance for any information.

On an unrelated note, I'm also looking for a t-shirt that has a cat on the
front of it, playing with a mouse.  The mouse's tail goes around to the back
of the shirt, where it is connected to a computer that has another cat sitting
on it.  The original shirt was found in southern California; now I'm looking
for another.  If you see one, maybe we can make some financial arrangements...
(So shoot me for making trivial requests :-)


Michael Niehaus        UUCP: <backbones>!{iuvax,pur-ee}!bsu-cs!mithomas


1. Ethernet hubs, Fast Ethernet and other questions...

What you need is actually a Fast Ethernet Switch. Grand Junction make
a family of switches. There is one that has several 100Mbit ports and
about 20 10mbit ports.

Because of the nature of ethernet (Using Collision detection to
transfer data), expect to get about 40% of 10Mbit maximum bandwidth,
minus a few percent for real data because of the packet overhead.

Hope that helps...


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