Read/write optical disks, anyone?

Read/write optical disks, anyone?

Post by Ge' Weije » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 09:37:00

Has anyone tried to connect a read/write optical disk to the Mac (II)?.
The NeXT-type disk should be available now. It would be useful to connect
such a thing to an AppleShare file server, as speed is not much of a concern
there, but space is.


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1. Read/Write Optical Disks

I am currently beginning to look for a read/write optical disk drive.  I have
seen a few of them starting to surface, and heard some reports on them.  Has
anyone out there any suggestions as to which drives to look at closely?

I hope this hasn't been covered extensively already, I am new to this group.
Please post responses or email them and I will post a summary.

Thanks in advance! -bri

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