HELP: Mac Plus w/new memory = Sad Mac code 0200FF

HELP: Mac Plus w/new memory = Sad Mac code 0200FF

Post by Paul Robicha » Tue, 14 Jan 1992 23:36:37

Over the weekend, I finally got around to installing two more 1MB
SIMMs in my Plus. The original configuration was 2.5MB, so this
upgrade should have netted four.

Put on the grounding strap, opened the case, took off the appropriate
connectors, pulled the motherboard, took out the 256k SIMMs, put in
the new ones. Put everything back together.

Powered up the machine and got a bunch of "chunks" on the screen,
almost as though only a 16x16 patch of pixels was present in every,
say, 64x64 block.

Powered down and took everything apart. Replaced the 256kb SIMMs.
Powered up again- sad mac, 0200ff.

Swapped the old and new 1MB SIMMs. Powered up. Sad Mac, 0200ff. Put
all four 1MB SIMMs back in, got screen hash again.

Some quick questions:
  1) what does this particular code mean? I presume that it's some
     sort of memory configuration error.

  2) how can I fix it?


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1. New SIMMs => Sad Mac and 0200FF

I know I have seen this discussion before, but unfortunately didn't
pay much attention....

A friend just upgraded his Mac Plus from 1 MB to 2.5 MB using 2 80 nsec
1 MB SIMMs.  He cut the proper resistor (following TN 176) and restarted
his machine.  Instead of seeing the usual smiling mac, he got a sad mac
face with "0200FF" underneath.

Can anyone help?




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