Trailing blanks in filenames

Trailing blanks in filenames

Post by tayl » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 10:59:00

Our secretariat processes large numbers of Macintosh mail files by
Fortran applications.  Occasionally the filenames contain trailing
blanks.  Since Fortran truncates such names, it fails to open these
files.  Can anyone suggest a patch to make the Macintosh refuse to
accept filenames with trailing (or leading) blanks?

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1. MacFortran 'include' sensitive to trailing blanks...

the 'include' statement is sensitive to trailing blanks!
in other words, "include file.inc___" will cause an
include file not found error to occur even if the file
'' is present on disk.
  You can use the 'zap gremlins' feature of QUED to
abolish trailing blanks.

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