LC II Upgrade or Transwarp LC ?

LC II Upgrade or Transwarp LC ?

Post by Soonthorn Chaiyindeep » Wed, 06 May 1992 08:41:35

A recent article in US Macworld (may 92) has reviewed the LC II upgrade.  It seems the additional benefit of the LC II is only to make use of the virtual memory.  Although the cost of upgrade is yet known but has anyone wonder how it will compare with some other upgrade like Transwarp LC ?  The latter also has 68030 processor and a possible math-coprocessor socket.

My question is whether we should spend our hard-earned money for LC II upgrade or go for something like Transwarp LC which gives some other nice feature.  Also, can the Transwarp LC make use of the virtual memory ?

I will appreciate any comments from users or industry's experts.

Soonthorn Chaiyindeepum
Australian National University


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