I Need Mac Performance Data.

I Need Mac Performance Data.

Post by Bob Carpent » Fri, 28 May 1993 06:37:13

I'm trying to find performance data for the high-end Macs
(Quadras...). Looking especially for SPECmark89 and/or
LINPACK 100x100 DP MFLOPS data.

Please send via email.


Bob Carpenter


1. Speed, performance, and data paths--how fast is fast?

I was hoping someone could provide some information on how
much of a speed hit machines with small data paths (16 bit)
take versus larger data paths (32 bit).  Like many of you
I've gotten upgrade fever and an accelerator seems a
reasonable way to go (among other things you get to keep
your expensive RAM).  But when inquiring about accelerators
for my LCII, I was told to just buy a new mahine. Bottom line:

If an LCII with a 25Mhz LC040 (16 bit data path) does not
equal a Quadra 605 (same processor but 32 bit data path),
then what is the comparable speed? 20 Mhz, IIfx, IIci, IIsi?

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. I'm
guessing a lot of other people saw the Mobius ads.  :-)

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