eMac Monitor Discoloration

eMac Monitor Discoloration

Post by Robert Robinso » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:26:06

I have a brand new eMac (1 ghz/Superdrive) that has developed a
monitor problem.  There's a slight bluish tint on the outer edge of
the monitor.  It's more noticeable when the screen is totally white.
Also, during startup, the monitor has a cloudy, dirty look to it
(dust?).  I've seen this problem mentioned at the apple support
website, with no available solution other than apple replacing the
monitor.  Anyone have this problem?  How was it resolved?

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Does an eMac have video in for a PC?  That is, I have a Dell and a 17" Sony
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eMac as the monitor for my Dell?


Sam Seaborn

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