my experience with MacWarehouse $299 double speed CDRom

my experience with MacWarehouse $299 double speed CDRom

Post by Chris Chu » Sun, 08 Aug 1993 00:43:26

There were some querries and replies regarding the MacWarehouse $299
double speed, multisession, audio capable CDRom a few months ago.  I
to send in my order.

Here's how the hardware turn out:

The CDRom is internally terminated, which means you have to place
it at the end of your SCSI chain.  MacWarehouse first sent me a CD with
a defective power supply.  The power supply would flicker once in about
15 to 20 min., occationally causing my IIsi to crash.  It worked fine
times when the power supply is stable.  Also, contrary to adverti*t,
was virtually no documentation ( I expected this from other reports in
newsgroup ). I sent the drive back, and received an identical
replacement drive two days later.

The replacement worked great, and came with comprehensive documentation.
The documentation covers both the hardware and software part of the
package quite thoroughly.
The included FWB toolkit software made access time impressively fast.
The package also came with an audio access desk accessory, so you can
listen to and control audio CD playback while you work.  I also bought the
$99 bundle that includes the 1. World and US atlas, 2. Grolier Multimedia
Encyclopedia, and 3. Animals from the San Diego Zoo.  These software
all worked great.  Unfortunately, I don't have a multisession photoCD to
I am very happy with the CDRom, and with MacWarehouse's
prompt service.  For the price and available bundles, you can't beat the