iTunes stops making sound...

iTunes stops making sound...

Post by Anthony Robert » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 04:28:18

When playing music (I've only been using MP3 files), iTunes will sometimes
stop making sound. It doesn't look like any particular combination of apps
or files makes this more or less common.

Going into iTunes and manually scrubbing to another position in the file, or
pausing and then restarting it restores the sound. This happens about 1-5
times per hour, and it's really annoying. This doesn't happen with any other
apps that I use.

I use a 700 mhz 16 mb vram iBook. I just ran Software Update to ensure that
everything I'm running is up to date, and everything is.

TIA for any help,


1. STOP CROSSPOSTING (was Re: Help - Volume made invisible...)

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No, but I have a Clue-by-Four(tm) for you: STOP CROSSPOSTING LIKE THIS.

Let's run through the groups you posted to, shall we?

comp.sys.apple2 - both of these are for the Apple II, not the Macintosh,
please don't do this, because you will deserve any flaming you get

comp.sys.mac.apps - possibly relevant. the correct groups are
comp.sys.mac.misc and comp.sys.mac.system as noted below

comp.sys.mac.misc, comp.sys.mac.system - OK

comp.sys.macintosh - this group is half dead, use comp.sys.mac.* groups

comp.sys.mac.programmers.misc - this is mis-spelled, should be
comp.sys.mac.programmer.misc, and possibly irrelevant since this isn't a
programming question - this group DOES NOT EXIST

Thanks for your attention. Next time pick the correct groups before posting.


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