Whats best for Video?

Whats best for Video?

Post by <F41.. » Thu, 29 Apr 1993 22:06:13

   Would anyone know what the best (cost effective) Mac setup for
digitizing and editing video? I want to setup a system for doing
rough edits before doing actual editing on the masters. My end
product is a Video (analog) cassette, but I don't want to by
high end hardware that costs thousands of $$$. I am considering
the Q 800 or 950, but don't know a good video digitizer/editing
software combination. (I do know about VideoSpigot/Premiere but
wonder if there is anything better for about maximum twice the
price). Please reply directly.

Thank you.

Amnon Dekel
Cognitive Science
Bar-Ilan University


1. What's my best option for best video upgrade?

I have three choices in optimizing my video performance on my 8600/300
224MB RAM, 2MB VRAM, and I was wondering if any of you have some insights

Hz on a 1710). (all cards listed below are stealable from various office

1. Use 8MB ATI Xclaim 3D Rage II PCI card.
2. Use Radius ThunderColor 1600/30 (6MB I Believe, but snippets of info
mention this card not-so-good for 150Mhz+ machines).
3. Install 2MB more V-ram, and use built-in video.

Any ideas? (please mention reasoning behind choice)

Thanks in advance!

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