****FS: MAC IIci, Hayes 14.4 Smartmodem/MAC, etc.****

****FS: MAC IIci, Hayes 14.4 Smartmodem/MAC, etc.****

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1.  MAC IIci, 20mb RAM, Seagate ST3390 H.D., floppy, mouse      $900.

2.  Hayes 14.4 Smartmodem for MAC, cables, software, manuals,
original packaging                                              $100.

3.  Asante Technologies MCNB Ethernet Card for MAC              $50.

Everything in excellent condition, all runs fine.  Email me at


1. Anyone Else? Hayes Optima 14.4/Daystar Power Cache

Here is the situation:
We have a IIci with a Daystar Power Cache.  Attached to the modem port is a
Hayes Optima 14.4 - connected through a Hayes (Hardware Handshaking) cable.

If the modem is on when the computer is started, there is no video and we
get the "BAD" Mac multitones.  If the modem is turned off when started no

We know it is not the computer or the power supply because before we
figured it out both items were replaced.  A person here believes it has to
do with the way interrupts are handled by the modem.

Has anyone seen something similar.

BTW - the modems will not work on an SE using the hardware handshaking

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