Imagewriter Print Spoolers

Imagewriter Print Spoolers

Post by Lee Atchis » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 17:12:00

I have a friend with an SE with a 20M hard disk (I wish I could trade him
for my 512k old rom system!).  He wants to know what a good Imagewriter
print spooler is.  He wants one that (hopefully) will work with or without

I know this has been discussed before, but since I was never interested in
print spoolers, I never listened to the discussions.  Could you e-mail
suggestions to me?

Thanks in advance.

Lee Atchison
Hewlett Packard, Information Networks Division


1. Print Spooler for ImageWriter II over AppleTalk

I've been looking for an inexpensive print spooler for my 2-Mac office
which has an ImageWriter II w/AT option card and a small AppleTalk net.

It seems that Apple has neglected the large user-base of ImageWriters
when it released MultiFinder/Print Monitor -- it supports only
LaserWriters.  So, your Mac is still tied up with a print job to an
ImageWriter even under MF.

It appears that most Print Spoolers on the market support only

Does anyone have a *good* spooler, at a resaonable price, that they
would recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Taylor Leaming

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