Is there ANY way to kill non-functioning Sherlock 2.0 built-in plug-ins?

Is there ANY way to kill non-functioning Sherlock 2.0 built-in plug-ins?

Post by Skip Pres » Fri, 29 Nov 2002 02:07:01

I've been all over trying to figure this out and it's come down to
hacking Sherlock with ResEdit and removing the automatic update line.

Since Apple no longer even has a site page with 2.0 plug-ins, it seems
to me that it's stupid that they maintain a server that has the old,
bad, outdated plugs on it so that they are re-created no matter what you
do to delete them, each time you open Sherlock.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving from the Sherlock


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1. Interested in writing plug-ins for AppleWin?

What about Mockingboard support?

I think the printer emulation shouldn't be too hard to do. All you have
to do is catch the codes the apple sends to its parallel port (PR#1) and
translate them into Windows GDI-calls (on a pixel-by-pixel basis). The
only printer I know of being supported in about all apple-programs is an

Some more features:
* Change each color individually (the apple only supports few colors so
you could adjust them)
* Make the window resizable and give us full-screen-support (easy with
direct-X, I just lack the SDK)
* Add support for 3,5" floppies (there WAS something like that on the
* Add hot-keys, especially for disk-changing (What about CTRL+F1=Disk1,
and so on to disk 12?) This would be useful, especially for the bigger
* Give the user a way to turn the toolbar off.
* Implement a screen smoothing technic (The PC employs HiRes-Graphics
1024x768, as opposed to the apples 280x? screen)
* What about a way to start individual files from a disk (A way to open
apple-disks in Windows explorer would be nice too!)
* Enhance the on-line-help (List of AppleDos R3.3-Commands)
* Let users adjust the disk-speed like the CPU-speed (using a slider)
* Implement an easy screen-capturing-tool
* Implement those data-exchange buttons


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