TeXtures from Addison Wesley

TeXtures from Addison Wesley

Post by Simon Eva » Wed, 02 May 1990 07:00:00

I am looking for anyone using TeXtures from Addison Wesley.

There was mention here in comp.sys.mac of a release fixing
the problems 1.0 had with printing to the LaserWriter with
LaserWriter 5.0 drivers. Of course, AW here in Australia knew
of no such release when I asked them, and I wrote to AW in the
USA to find out how to get this new version. I have not heard
back from them so I am looking for two things -

1. Confirmation of the existence of a new version of TeXtures
that works with LaserWriter 5.0, and

2. The name of someone in AW, USA, to whom it would be best
to send a letter asking about how to go about getting the new

Thank you all for any advice you can give.

By the way, is anyone using the*from AW for TeXtures
advertised in the second latest TUGBoat? What version of*is it?
What manuals, documentation etc is provided? What .sty files
are provided? Is the*source provided?

Finally, can anyone give any pointers as to how to go about getting the
TeX distribution (or at least*and the*style
collection) on Mac media? TUGboat lists methods for getting it
on IBM floppies or 9 track tape, but I have neither :-(.

Thanks in advance for any help at all on any of these queries,

Simon Evans.
JAM Software, 27a Nowranie Street, Summer Hill, 2130 NSW, Australia.
+612 799 1888.


1. TeXtures from Addison Wesley

Regarding a new vsn. of TeXtures - yes, there is 1.01 available;
I don't know if this is the one that fixes the LW-printing bug.

The address is
        Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc.
        6 Jacob Way
        Reading, MA 01867

I don't remember the name of a fellow whom I talked to a while
ago. I'm about to call them with an unrelated question - will ask
about the availability of 1.01 down under.

By the way, has anyone used \special{postscriptfile foo} in TeXtures?
A rather trivial PostScript picture works fine with VAX TeX, but throws
TeXtures off the track - lines following the picture are superimposed
(a dark black mess); next page is OK. Any clues ? Thanks in advance.

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