Font ID changing (RE: Font ID number listing)

Font ID changing (RE: Font ID number listing)

Post by st.. » Wed, 02 May 1990 17:36:00

Quote:>In an effort to find an unused font ID number for a new font I'd designed
>("Woodside", to appear soon in .mac.binaries), I went through the task of
>listing (a bunch of) fonts by name and by ID number. The new Font/DA
>Movers now transparently change font ID's to avoid conflict, ...


Are you sure about this?  If the new Font/DA mover indeed changes the IDs of
fonts, without notifying the user, then there is a potential for
compatibility problems.  If you take a font with, let's say, ID 230, and you
install it in a System file with no existing FONT 230, then, no problem.
But if you install it into a System file that already has FONT 230 it it,
then the ID of the newly installed font will be changed.  Documents
formatted under this System in the newly-installed font will appear in a
different font when displayed under the other System, and documents
formatted under the system that has the font intact will be displayed in the
font with same ID (which is a different font) under the System with the
conflicting fonts.


Font ID changing (RE: Font ID number listing)

Post by Joel We » Wed, 02 May 1990 12:06:00

The Font/DA mover has done this for at least a year, ever since
Apple realized there were too many PD fonts out there without
enough unique slots.

Moral: use GetFNum to look up by name.
        Joel West
        {ucbvax,ihnp4}!sdcsvax!jww      (ihnp4!gould9!joel if I ever fix news)


Font ID changing (RE: Font ID number listing)

Post by Stephen B. Baumgart » Wed, 02 May 1990 17:12:00

Quote:>The new Font/DA Mover changes font IDs to avoid conflicts, thereby creating
>Systems under which the same document looks different (because font 230 in
>System 1 has been changed by the F/DA Mover to font 320 in System 2)...

Font/DA Mover 3.2 does this too, and it's always been a problem, since
it doesn't tell you that there was a conflict.  I guess Apple chose what it
believed to be the lesser of 2 evils (the greater being not allowing you to
install certain combinations of fonts in the same System).  Still, I think it
would be better if it put up some sort of alert and at least gave you the
option of changing font IDs or aborting the operation.

- Steve


Font ID changing (RE: Font ID number listing)

Post by Scott Com » Wed, 02 May 1990 11:42:00

You are supposed to save font name/size info in documents, not font
numbers. Font numbers have always been a no-no, and anyone with any sense
can figure out that font numbers are system file specific, while font
names/sizes are portable.

Just think about what would happen if we all started saving fRefNums to
access files instead of using their names? After all, if I close it and
then open it again, won't it have the same fRefNum? Use you head... And
use the durn font name. That's why its there.

scott out


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