Does this slide-in-cd CD-Rom take small CDs??

Does this slide-in-cd CD-Rom take small CDs??

Post by njhai » Wed, 08 Jan 2003 05:39:59

I have this G3 mac... and I'm afraid that I might ruin the CD-ROM

Does this slide-in-cd CD-Rom take small CDs??

please help...

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Does this slide-in-cd CD-Rom take small CDs??

Post by Garner Mille » Wed, 08 Jan 2003 06:37:15

> I have this G3 mac...

I assume you mean the iMac, yes?

Quote:> and I'm afraid that I might ruin the CD-ROM (slide-in).

> Does this slide-in-cd CD-Rom take small CDs??

The standard, round, 80mm small CDs, yes.   Any odd-shaped or other
sizes, no.  Here's Apple's answer to that if you like:

A note for PowerBook users who might be reading this:  "2. The
PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet), PowerBook G4 (DVI) and PowerBook G4
(1GHz/867MHz) computers will not accept an 80 mm round disc."

Hope that helps.

Garner R. Miller
Manchester, CT =USA=


1. CD-ROM weirdness, and System 6 on CD-ROM

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I snagged a Sun model 411 external SCSI CD-ROM drive fairly cheaply off of
eBay recently...since the seller was just across town, I drove over and
picked it up this evening.  When I plugged it into my IIGS and tried reading
CDs with it, though, it caused the computer to lock up.  If a CD was in the
drive at boot time, it wouldn't even finish booting.

The box has a Sony CDU-8012 mechanism inside.  I made sure there weren't any
ID conflicts with other devices on the bus, but it still wouldn't work.
When I swapped a Panasonic CR-523 into the case, it worked fine...a pressed
CD-ROM (a NetWare 5 CD) and a CD-R (an SVCD I burned last week) showed up
fine in the Finder.  I even opened some of the text files on the NetWare CD.

Is there something odd about the Sony mechanism that Sun used?  I figured a
SCSI CD-ROM drive is a SCSI CD-ROM drive.  One page I ran across through
Google indicates that Apple used the same mechanism in some of its
products...might there be some difference in firmware between the drives
used by the two companies such that the drive I bought won't work?

If it matters, the other devices on the bus are a Seagate ST34520WC
(Barracudas are dirt cheap nowadays :-) ) and a Wangtek 5525ES.  Both are
connected to an Apple High-Speed SCSI Card.

(It only cost me $8, and I was kinda thinking of swapping the mechanism
anyway since the Sony is one of those ghey caddy-loading drives.  The
Panasonic that replaced it is a more normal tray-loading drive.  Maybe I can
put the mechanism back on eBay, where a Sun owner might be able to use it.)

On another note, has anyone ever put System 6.0.1 on a CD-ROM?  It'd beat
doing the floppy shuffle when adding/removing system components or doing a
clean install.  I have software (for Linux and Win32) that'll produce HFS
and hybrid CD-ROMs, and I've copied all of the floppies onto the hard drive.
Is it a simple matter of dragging the contents of all of the disks into the
same folder, or is there more to it than that?

  _/_   Scott Alfter

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