New Mac Rumors in MacTutor

New Mac Rumors in MacTutor

Post by ev.. » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 19:09:00

The 12/86 issue of MacTutor has a Mac generated drawing titled "The 1987
Macintosh Product Family". Shown are the Mac +, the Mac +/HD20-SC, and
the newer machines : Aladdin (which looks like a 2 slotted Mac), Aladdin/
HD20-SC, Paris (which looks like a PC-AT with 2 slots), Paris-Color, and
Paris - Workstation (with a big monitor). Everything but the Mac + models
show similar keyboards which look different from what we have become used
to -- the mouse also plugs into the keyboard, which plugs into the box. (Is
this the Apple //GS keyboard?).

A mention is made that the Aladdin is due in January and that it is very
similar to the Prodigy 4 from Levco. No mention on prices, features, or
the signal to rumor ratio.


1. New Mac Movie Tie-ins

We've all seen the Apple "Mission: Impossible" commercial. ("After you see
the movie, you'll want to buy the book." PowerBook, get it?)

Tonight on NBC during Saturday Night Live, I saw a similar movie tie-in
featuring the PowerBook Jeff Goldblum's character uses in the upcoming
"Independence Day." This time the tag line is "The Power to Save the

What do you folks think of this new advertising strategy? Neither of these
commercials feature anything substantive at all, just clips from the
movies. PowerBooks are featured prominently, but as little more than

The idea is obvious: Famous people use Macintosh computers; you should use
them too.

Granted, it's not "1984." It's not "The Power to Be Your Best." It's not
even "The Power to Crush the Other Kids." But is it going to work? Or is
it just going to reinforce the opinion that Macs are overpriced, overhyped

All discussion is welcome.

            Jeff A. Harrell

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