odd behaviour of MS Word and System 6.0.3 on an SE/30

odd behaviour of MS Word and System 6.0.3 on an SE/30

Post by Jay Seko » Sat, 06 Jan 1990 06:40:05

A client here is having an odd problem with Microsoft Word on his new
Mac SE/30.  When he chooses Page Preview in the middle of a long
document (with lots of math), Word seemd to go through the entire
document twice (as indicated by page numbers above the preview area)
before displaying the page.  In the Page Preview mode, scrolling is
extremely slow.  This problem occurs under MultiFinder and UniFinder
both, whether or not the RAM cache is turned on.  It happens even when
booting from a plain vanilla system disk (he has an 80M hard disk, but
we tried reinstalling the system and also "desanctifying" the Blessed
Folder and booting from a floppy).  It persists after zapping PRAM.

However, it does NOT occur on other Macs.  For instance, I booted his
Mac SE/30 from a vanilla system disk and opened one of his Word
documents and saw this problem.  I then booted my Mac SE from the very
same system disk, checked that my copy of Word 4.0 had the same
creation date, and opened the same document, and Page Preview worked

Other things in Word 4.0 (like normal scrolling) seem to be
slower-than-normal as well.  Excel gives a system bomb on his Mac
(even booting from a vanilla floppy), although it runs fine on my Mac
(even booting from the same floppy).  What's more, the System is being
allocated about 400K under MultiFinder, and *about 100K under Finder*,
even though on my the same system, booting from the same system
folder, is allocated over 600K in MultiFinder or Finder.

We have also tried most of this on another SE/30.  The problems seem
to be unique to his particular Mac.  He has an SE/30 with an 80 Meg
hard disk and 4 Meg of RAM.

This seems really flaky to me, and I don't expect it's the sort of
thing anyone's going to be able to help me with (unless it's something
really obvious I'm missing--I'm pretty Mac-literate, but I'm not very
familiar with MS Word), but I thought I'd try anyway.  Has anyone had
similar problems with MS Word under similar circumstances, or has
anyone had similar memory-allocation wierdnesses on a Mac with 4 Meg
of RAM?

If you have any ideas what might be going on, please send me e-mail (I
don't get to read this group regularly).  Note that this behaviour
seems to be independent of which system folder is being used.



odd behaviour of MS Word and System 6.0.3 on an SE/30

Post by Jay Seko » Sat, 06 Jan 1990 10:49:53

ADDENDUM: I should mention that I did check for viri.  WDEF was present,
but the problem did not go away after removing it.


1. Odd SE/30 problems with System 7.1 (or any OS)

I've got an old SE/30 (8MB RAM, System 7.1, external color monitor)
which had been, until a few weeks ago, running quite happily.  However,
it abruptly began to crash whenever I brought up the standard file
selector (in the 'Open...' or 'Save As...' dialogs for any application.)
Figuring there was some problem with my System Folder, I tried
re-installing 7.1 from my master floppies, with no extensions.

It still didn't work.

I couldn't think of anything I'd changed to make the system suddenly
fail;  the only System Folder alteration I'd made lately was to install
the most recent Scrapbook, and I quickly ruled that out as the cause.

I've tried wiping the hard disk (and reformatting with the
latest Apple HD SC Setup 7.2.2), running without the monitor card or
external SCSI devices, with 32-bit addressing on and off, booting from
external hard drives, etc.  Nothing seems to work.

Oddly, MacCheck, Help!(1.0.9), Disk First Aid, etc., can't find anything
wrong.  This acts as if it's either a problem with my master copy of
7.1, or a problem with my ROMs.  However, wouldn't either one of those
show up in at least one of the diagnostic programs?

Indeed, even if I boot from a floppy I get the same failures.  If I boot
from system 7.0.1 or 6.0.7, the system works well enough to use, but I
get sporadic crashes (often with garbled errors messages such as "The
application 'unknown' has unexpectedly quit, Data." ("Data" being the
name of one of my disk drives.)  If I'm not using 7.1, this acts like a
transient hardware problem in that the failures are of various kinds and
they happen randomly.  But under 7.1 it's quite repeatable.

If anyone out there has experienced a similar problem, or has any clue
what's going on, please help.  I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out
if this is a hardware, software, firmware, or whatware problem.
I'm tempted to run right out and get a Quadra immediately, but if this
turns out simply to be something really stupid I've done to the system
software (on all my copies of it? all versions?) I'd probably regret that...

                                                        -- K.

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