Mac IIcx -> Mac IIci ???

Mac IIcx -> Mac IIci ???

Post by David Till » Sun, 17 Mar 1991 02:42:15

Is there an (and if so what is the) upgrade path from the
Mac IIcx to the Mac IIci?



1. Will a Mac IIci cache card work in a Mac IIcx?

  jm> The IIcx does not have a PDS slot, so the cache card which plugs into
  jm> this slot isn't of any use to your IIcx. It is really only meant for a
  jm> IIcx or possibly any other Mac that has a PDS slot (PDS - Processor
  jm> Direct Slot) built-in.
  jm> Usually you will need an adaptor of some sort to convert it for other
  jm> Macs like the ones that DayStar Digital has. You did not mention the
  jm> brand or the type of cache card you have so I cannot give you a
  jm> definite answer.

If the cx doesn't have a PDS then what is that 4th slot?

I though Daystar's PowerCache only fitted in a PDS slot, and since one is
offered for the cx, where does it fit?

hmm, just after a couple of answers.


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