Audio balance creep

Audio balance creep

Post by Larry Preus » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 01:26:36

I have a flat-panel iMac with OS 10.2.6 on which the audio balance very
frequently creeps off center, usually to favor the left speaker. I use
iTunes to download my CDs onto my iPod, but never download music from
anywhere else, and do nothing with the audio system other than to raise or
lower the level from the keyboard. Is this a common or a recognized problem?

1. Audio Zap & Audio Animator problems...

I've recently obtained a copy of AudioZap v1.0, and I'm have trouble getting
it to digitize using my audio animator. The DOCS say that it works with
Audio Animator, but I haven't gotten it to do anything besides digitize
buzzing. Here's my current system setup:

slot 1:printer port
2: modem port
3: Built in text
4: mouse (in actual slot, I have a ROM v1.5 TransWarp GS)
5: smartport
6: your-card (Audio Animator)
7: your-card (Vulcan HD controller card)

and a GS RAM Plus with 2 MEG on it in my RAM slot. I have a ROM 03 GS.
I've tried turning off my transwarp, but it didn't help anything. Can
anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance


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