Help! Odd problems with Appleshare!

Help! Odd problems with Appleshare!

Post by me.. » Thu, 18 Mar 1993 09:37:58

When I came in on Monday, I found the Mac IIfx I work on frozen during
bootup with a flickering empty dialog box (someone had used it during the
weekend). I tried restarting it. My first three extension icons came up, then there
was a pause. The screen went blank and then the next extension icon came up.
It's "autoflush" and the only extension between "!deskpict" and "autoflush" is
Appleshare. A few more extension icons appeared and then the empty flickering
dialog box, with a series of tones (the tones only happend once while I was there).

I booted from my floppy with Norton Disk Doctor, which causes the IIfx to go
from network to localtalk. Disk First Aid and Disk Doctor said there was nothing
wrong so I rebooted and everything came up normally. But I was in localtalk. I
switched to network and it worked normally. But when I rebooted, empty flickering
dialog box again.

I reinstalled system 7.0.1 and the tuneup, but still no help. Then I reinstalled
the GatorCard software. This time, the bootup went normally but after it was over,
I got the empty flickering dialog box. This only happened once.

I don't think this is viral in nature (I have the latest SAM virus list,
Disinfectant 3.0 and Gatekeeper 1.2.7).